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08 Jun

Rob Halford Has Something to Say!

In a recent interview with Rob Halford of Judas Priest, he states that a straight man couldn’t do his job. Here’s his entire quote:

“I love Priest more than anything, so while always in my mind — I have to be careful how I say this — it’s not important to the music. Though I will say, a straight man can’t do my job [laughs]. That’s the way I view it. Freddie [Mercury] said it wasn’t important, but if Freddie hadn’t have been gay, Queen would’ve been a totally different band. But that’s a really important part of my life that I have to get down on paper at some point.”

Rob Halford of Judas Priest
22 May

Peter Hook Q&A

Since I can’t post tons of news throughout the day, I think I’ll start sending a few links to interviews. I don’t cut and paste news and since I probably shouldn’t post entire interviews, I think links will do. Here is one I found with Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order (left in 2007).

Peter Hook Interview

19 Jul

Interview with Joe Elliott of Def Leppard

I thought someone would be interested to hear this. It’s over at NPR’s ‘The Record’. Good Stuff!

Def Leppards Joe Elliott On Covering Def Leppard

22 May

Rob Zombie Interview

Here’s an interview I found with Rob Zombie on his new album and movie ‘The Lords of Salem’

17 May

Siouxsie Interview – 1987

Here’s an interview with Siouxsie and the Banshees from 1987.

26 Apr

David Gray Interview

I don’t normally put links to other stories on the site but I thought about posting interviews that I think some might be interested in. There is so much news and interviews out there, I think in order to offer more info on the site, I’ll throw some other stuff out there. So if I see a cool one, I’ll post a few words on it then send you a link to the full interview. Hope you guys like.

Do you have any tools you need around you when you’re writing songs?

“Just a guitar or piano. I generally write the rhythm and the chords first, then find the melody, then the lyrics – I write in that order 90% of the time. The music is generally first, then I have to find the lyrics to fit.”

See the rest HERE

05 Oct

Kool G Rap New Album

Kool G Rap recently spoke with Good Fella Radio about his new solo record called ‘Riches, Royalty and Respect’ and working with Joell Ortiz. He talks about working with Supa Dave on his single ‘Sad’ and talking to Beanie Sigel, Vinnie Paz and others on the album.

“The ‘Sad’ jump-off, that’s one of the first singles we’re releasing off the album titled Riches, Royalty and Respect. That’s just that vintage, authentic G Rap, but in 2010. Same angle, same person, I just brought a 2010…I’m just the type of dude [where it’s] more the music than anything else. Of course, everybody wants to be prosperous in the games…but when the game stops entertaining you, that’s when you, I think that’s when fall in line with the particular kind of artist that’s beginning to sound dated. When you stop being entertained by the game and the music, it loses you and then the only thing you have to go back on is the way you used to do it. But when you’re constantly entertained and inspired by the music, it just keeps you rejuvenat[ed]…and re-inventing yourself, time and time again.”

Check out the full interview below.

13 May

1966 Beatles Press Conference

A 14-minute reel-to-reel tape recording of the August 17, 1996 press conference by The Beatles at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto is up for auction at Bonhams & Butterfields. This is the recording of where John Lennon said the band was more popular than Jesus. The tapes were made by a young photojournalist who attended the press conference. He tried to sell them back in 1966 but nobody cared for them so they sat in a drawer for over 40 years. It’s reported to sell between $20k to $25k at the June 13th auction in Los Angeles.

26 Dec

PBS Special on Copyright Law

On January 19th the PBS Series Independent Lens will air ‘Copyright Criminals’, a new documentary examining music sampling, copyright law and money.  It will trace hip-hop from the streets of New York with groups like Digital Underground and Public Enemy on up to labels like Definitive Jux and others.  Here is a sample of the show.

13 Nov

Exclusive Interview with Page Hamilton of Helmet!

I’m so excited I can barely write this post.  I had the amazing opportunity to interview Page Hamilton of Helmet regarding his “Close to Home” art project.  All the information came back to me today and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Corey Danziger of SceneFour.

“Close To Home” is the art project Page Hamilton began to mark the 20th year of Helmet with “200 epic canvases for Helmet Believers worldwide.” You can see more information at Legacy Of Helmet. I now present to you the interview and some pictures directly from Page Hamilton.

MNTB: Where did this idea come from? I know you did some work with David Bowie. Did he give you any ideas?

PAGE: Bowie influenced everyone that came after him. Playing with him in ’99, there were a lot of tidbits of info that I picked up. He is extremely intelligent. It’s not like he said, “you do an art piece.” I was actually approached by creativity house SceneFour with the art collection idea, and then I developed a concept for the art that I love.

MNTB: How long have you been working on these pieces?

PAGE: Six months ago, that’s when we decided to start this project.

MNTB: Do you have a favorite piece or one that sticks out more than the others for you?

PAGE: Well, the basic piece is going to be the Close to Home canvas. It’s the one constant in each piece in the series. Then the collector will be able to request specific songs, and I’ll be augmenting the canvas individually per song from the Helmet catalog. Initially, it was going to be completely at my discretion, but then I thought it would be cool to let the collector have the selection. I’m actually excited after getting my chops down on the first few pieces I’ve done. I was a little nervous to begin with, but once I dug into it, it was great.

MNTB: Did all the items in the pieces come from you diligently collecting it all and putting it in a safe place or were there contributions from the various band mates?

PAGE: Helmet was my brainchild, as I’m the songwriter, producer and guitar player, but when I began spending time with SceneFour and started discussing what we wanted to accomplish, it became clear to me that I want to explore growing up in America, American music, incorporating my family and my upbringing. I thought it would be interesting to delve into that. One of my favorite eras of rock and art is the 60s and 70s and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here had an influence on the artistic direction that this went. Almost all of the photos in the Close to Home collage are from the 60s and 70s. I think that the Hypnosis cover had that 60s normalcy to it, and yet there are bits of imagery that are ominous. I found that the photos we used had an inherent mystery to them particularly the one of my mom and I at less than a year old in front of the gas tank or nuclear orb thing. I’m looking up into the clouds. It gives out a kind of perspective, the innocence of being a child, starting life with open eyes and also a looming danger ahead…sort of the trials and tribulations of life on the planet. I was really happy that in the end we decided to make an art piece for the project as opposed to a piece that is all about Page Hamilton rock star.

MNTB: Singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer………and now an artist. Is this something you may continue on the side joining Bowie, Lennon, Iggy Pop and other musicians who have expanded into art?

PAGE: I am thoroughly enjoying this project and process. My eyes are open. And I’ve always been open to the creative thought process. I’m so blessed to do what I love. It’s incredible. And for me, it’s never been about the financial reward. I’ve been on a path, and this project is expanding my pallet. Pardon the pun. I’m open to this.

MNTB: After all 200 pieces are out, will this be an ongoing thing with something new coming out every year or so? And have you thought of having any fan collaborations where they give you pieces of your history from shows they’ve been to?

PAGE: I’ve actually thought about that in the past, but my brain works in an organized way. I’ve got good work habits, and I typically don’t think of things, or projects, in terms of how to collaborate or produce. I’m always open to things. But I’m constantly running around, and I’ve always got things to produce, the educational thing and clinics which I love doing. I’m not sitting around thinking about things to do. So, in terms of the art, this piece and project is a yearlong process, and we are now in the middle of it. I’m taking things a day at a time and giving my full attention. It’s not my style to think two steps ahead. We are in the formative stages of an interesting project, a project that is going on for the next year or so.

MNTB: You’ve said you loved playing live as opposed to being in the studio. Any chance you’ll be doing any live art pieces?

PAGE: No, actually I think that’s a misprint because I love both environments. I love touring and playing live and the studio is an incredible creative environment. But really my favorite part of the process is the writing. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a guitar, working on lyrics and music is my favorite. In terms of doing any live art pieces, I’m actually going to New York to be taped for an artist’s installation. It’s going to be videotaped and will be part of the installation. So definitely this project did open my mind and eyes to possibilities, and I always had an interest in art and painting. I’m not a painter, but I love painting and I love time with paintings.




29 Apr

Prince’s Rare Interview

This is very rare and amazing. Prince was interviewed by Tavis Smiley (um who?) from his late night show on PBS. I couldn’t put it in this post so I have to just give you the link. Check it out. It’s really interesting.

Prince Interview


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