24 Jul

Public Enemy Album!!

I just heard Public Enemys new album ‘Most of My Heroes Don’t Appear On No Stamp’ and damn it’s nice. I went through SellABand and gave some money to fund their album and it finally came out. You can see it here   Public Enemy – SellABand

26 Dec

PBS Special on Copyright Law

On January 19th the PBS Series Independent Lens will air ‘Copyright Criminals’, a new documentary examining music sampling, copyright law and money.  It will trace hip-hop from the streets of New York with groups like Digital Underground and Public Enemy on up to labels like Definitive Jux and others.  Here is a sample of the show.

08 Oct

Fund Public Enemy’s Next Album

I just love this kinda shit.  Public Enemy has teamed up with SellABand to help raise $250,000 to fund their 13th album.  Whats sick is YOU can buy a share at $25 each to help get the album going.  Chuck D is planning on distributing a portion of the album sales back to each investor.   I don’t want anything back really but it was a nice feeling when I kicked down some money to them.

22 Mar

Public Enemy & The Roots on Fallon

So did anyone see the sick ass performance of Public Enemy and The Roots on the Jimmy Fallon show last week?  It was pretty amazing.  The Roots are such an amazing live band and Public Enemy sounded as fresh as ever.  Here is the link to check it out.

Public Enemy and The Roots


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