22 Sep

Scott Weiland Book Coming

Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver has his book ‘Not Dead & Not For Sale’ coming out in March 2011. The book will have stories of his crazy rise to being a rock star to drugs and what’s he’s doing now being sober.

Weiland has been busy aside from his book. He’s also putting out a Christmas album. HUH? He also has been working on his clothing line with Christopher Wicks which has your typical t-shirts, vests, hats, pants, ties etc.

“I’d like to tour when I want to tour, but I really prefer making albums. I love performing when I want to, I detest the feeling when it comes down to punching in the clock every night. It’s difficult in the rock business for everyone, so I am trying to branch out into other artistic endeavors like fashion.”



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