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14 May

Wu-Tang Clan New EP Coming

First Wu-Tang is airing its documentary ‘Of Mics And Men’ on Showtime and now they are putting out an EP to go along with it.  The EP is set to come out on Friday May 17, 2019.

They are also in the middle of their 25th Anniversary Tour.  Check here for the locations and dates:

21 Jan

2 Live Crew Reuniting!

Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew announced at the Sundance Film Festival the group is back together.  Campbell was at the Sundance Film Festival since he appeared in a short film.

Some of Campbell’s comments:

“I just can’t wait to just start practicing.  That’s going to be a blast.”

“We’re going to perform the songs and everybody’s going to be excited,” he said. “Some of the older people of our generation will be able to tell their kids, `You’re staying home tonight, we’re going to see 2 Live Crew and shake our booty!'”

So of course I have to post a video!!

03 Dec

New PiL Album

It’s been almost 20 years since the last PiL album (That What is Not) and finally Johnny Lydon (Rotten) announced that a new album is coming out. Lydon says that money has been the key issue why a new album hasn’t come out.

“I was always full of ideas, but I had to wait until I had enough money to release an album. Everybody thinks I made such a fortune with the Sex Pistols. Well, unfortunately that is not true. To make this record we had to tour extensively for two years.”

The album will come out around the spring of 2012.

19 Dec

Whitesnake Tour

David Coverdale is coming back ya’ll. Whitesnake is BACK for the 2011 Whitesnake World Tour with new members drummer Brian Tichy and bass player Michael Devin. They will be heading out to support their new album that is due sometime in March 2011. Coverdale stated:

“We’ve had an incredibly creative & productive year off writing & recording & also mixing several projects we plan to release over the next few years. We’re particularly excited about the new album & we look forward to presenting a mix of new & more familiar songs when we tour. We have all missed the excitement of performing live & are very excited to introduce the new chaps to the Whitesnake Choir.”

14 Dec

The Cars New Music

So earlier this year they posted a pic of them in the studio asking if anyone was in the mood for a reunion. Over the last couple of months, they have put out these little snippets of songs that they have been working on. I guess something will be coming out soon. I think these are pretty damn good. Here are the little snippets they have been putting out:

24 Nov

Blur Reuniting?

Damon Albarn told BBC 6 Music that he is planning on working together with his hold band mates of Blur. It’s been about 6 years since that happened last. He’s been pretty busy with his other band Gorillaz, which I’m sure you know about.

Damon told BBC: “Well, we met up yesterday and had a really nice chat. I think we’ll probably do something, well we did talk about doing something, maybe, in January… (It will be) something small, no career-based world-domination ideas.”

23 Oct

The Cars Are Reuniting For Album

After 23 years The Cars are getting back together to put out a new album. Billboard says they recorded new material over the summer and there is possibly a reunion tour coming as well. The members of the band are Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes and David Robinson.

18 Oct

Culture Club Reunion

Should I be happy? Should you be happy? I think so even though Boy George has been a mess over these past years. But Boy George announced on his site that he was getting the band back together in 2012 to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

“We’re definitely doing it, in 2012. Our D-Day is April 30, which is the same day as our first-ever single release, “White Boy”… it’s going to be great fun. If we don’t do it now we’ll do it when we’re 60, which will be really tragic.”

18 Jun

Yaz Live Double Album Coming

Sweet….on September 28th Yaz is putting out their Reconnected Live double reunion album and download. It’s from the summer of 2008 and gets the great Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet together after 25 years of being apart to sing some of their greats like ‘Situation’, ‘Only You’ and of course ‘Don’t Go’. This should be great!

04 Apr

Culture Club Might Re-Form

Boy George was on BBC 5 live the other week and when a possibility of reforming Culture Club he said:

“I think we could do a one-off gig or maybe a small tour. It’s our 30th anniversary next year so we may do something.” BUT, he did go on to say “We’ll see. It’s all about my mood at the time.”

Which means if he’s not coming down from drugs or he has some escort at home!


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