01 Jul

Toto & YES Supergroup….Oh Geez

Ok while I might not like them, a lot of my friends I grew up with liked YES and Toto (and I think they are STILL listening to their old stuff). Well now Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball and former YES guys Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood have started a new group called YOSO. They are releasing an album called “Elements” on July 23rd.

Billy Sherwood says:

“YOSO was started when I suggested to Bobby Kimball we should write some new music and form a band. We had been working together on various tribute projects that I was producing and one thing lead to another. Before too long we had 5 songs in the can and were well on our way to making a record. That is when we started thinking seriously about taking it to the next level. Once there was a few songs underway the concept grew into the band we now have, ” YOSO “.



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