06 Oct

Taintsticks Second Duel

Oh man Tainstick and Jason Ellis has done it again.  After talking a bunch of crap to Tim McGraw, trying to get him to move his release date of his album, they are now attacking Sting.  Their album ‘Six Pounds of Sound’ is their debut album that is coming out on October 27th along with Sting’s Christmas album.  Here is Taintsticks letter to Sting:

“Hello Sting,

Taintstick have come to understand that not only did The Police break up, but you have yet another solo album coming out on October 27th. We have furthermore been led to believe it is a Christmas album. Really, Dude? You’ve already sold 100 MILLION ALBUMS. What’s a couple of carols on top of that? You’re in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well deserved, we say, but once you’re in the hall of anything, doesn’t that mean it’s time to gracefully hang it up?

Sting, we’re sure you understand the feeling. You were there once, and now Taintstick are coming in hot, and we are ready to go big. We therefore challenge you to a duel; winner take all. ‘Six Pounds of Sound’ vs. ‘If On a Winter’s Night’. If you sell more, we bow to the tantric master, but if we sell more…well, you start spending more quality time hanging out in some of those well-earned castles of yours.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jason Ellis can be heard Monday through Friday on Sirius station Faction.  I listen to it every day and its funny as hell.



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