28 Sep

Tommy Lee Sued Over Drum Set

Well not so much the drum set, but the roller coaster mechanism he’s been using on tour (see below). Apparently back in 1991 the engineer Scott King showed Tommy Lee his roller coaster drum apparatus but Lee didn’t take to it. Now all these years later, Lee has been using the design on his tour with Motley Crue. Scott King is suing Lee for at least $400,000 in damages. Lee of course said Scott King never approached him about his design.

21 Sep

Drum for Tommy Lee

So check this.   Tommy Lee is giving you the chance to be on his next Methods Of Mayhem album.  On October 5th you can download his raw tracks then add your own guitars, beats, drums etc. then send it right back to him.  You could be credited on the next release of his Methods Of Mayhem album.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s a hit, would the creator get any residuals?  What if it makes $100,000.  Do you just get credit?  I guess it’s cool either way.  A good way to get your foot in the door.

Check it here: ThePublicRecord


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