01 Jul

Bruce Springsteens Top 10 Album….Again

This guy just keeps doing it over and over again.  His new album titled ‘Western Stars’ is his 20th top 10 album on Billboard 200.  His first top 10 album was Born to Run wayyyy back in 1975.   He’s on a list of 10 other groups that have had 20 or more top 10 albums:

The Rolling Stones – 37

Barbara Streisand – 34

The Beatles – 32

Frank Sinatra – 32

Elvis Presley – 27

Bob Dylan – 22

Madonna – 22

George Strait – 21

Elton John – 20

Paul McCartney/Wings – 20


23 Jun

Forbes Highest Paid Musicians

Forbes has come out with their 2011 list of highest paid musicians of the year and of course at number 1 is U2 at $195 million for the second consecutive year. Overall they have made $700 million on their 360 degree tour. Here are the remaining:

Bon Jovi at $125 million
Elton John at $100 million
Lady Gaga at $90 million
Michael Buble at $70 million
Paul McCartney at $66 million
Justin Bieber at $52 million

02 Mar

McCartney Approves of The Grey Album

I often wondered what he thought about 2004’s ‘The Grey Album’ that was done by Danger Mouse. I thought it was a pretty amazing album. Well in a recent interview, Paul McCartney said:

“I didn’t mind when something like that happened with The Grey Album. But the record company minded. They put up a fuss. But it was like, ‘Take it easy guys, it’s a tribute.’”

Damn, he makes me love him more and more.

13 Nov

Queen Goes to Universal

It’s been 40 years that Queen has been with EMI but now the have ended their relationship and moved over to Universal Music Group. Moving to Universal will bring remastered versions of all of Queens albums sometime next year.

Brian May of Queen says “We are very excited after all this time to be embarking on a new phase of our career.

Its seems that after the 2007 purchase of EMI by Terra Firma they have been losing big acts such as Radiohead, Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

19 Oct

ASCAP Awards McCartney & Coldplay

On October 14th, ASCAP had their London awards ceremony at the Grosvernor House Hotel in London.  They honored Paul McCartney (I refuse to put the “Sir” before his name) as the songwriter of the year for “All You Need Is Love”, “Come Together” and “Hello Goodbye”.  Song of the year went to Coldplay for “Viva La Vida” which I don’t really understand.  That song is typical Coldplay but it’s not as good as half the stuff they’ve written before.  In all 21 song awards were given out that night.  You can see it at all at ASCAP


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