25 Jun

Bonnaroo…Sold Out

Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly Entertainment who started Bonnaroo, wont be part of the Festival after 2019.  Back in 2015 Live Nation purchased a controlling interest in the festival and kept Farman on until this year.  Now it plans to purchase the rest of the festival from the remaining minority owners.  Going forward the festival will be produced by AC Entertainment and C3 Presents, which of course Live Nation owns.

11 Apr

Live Nation Cuts 100 Peeps

Last week Live Nation layed off about 100 people which they claim are mostly in the “back office” personnel such as accounting and business operations. It’s part of their effort to streamline their business. Live Nation also says that they will promote fewer shows than last year (20,000) with most of those being low margin shows.

04 Nov

JT’s Tequila & Live Nation….What a Combo

I don’t know if you remeber but earlier this year Justin Timberlake started a tequila company named 901 Silver Tequila.  Well he just struck a deal with Live Nation to be the only tequila served at Live Nation venues.  That’s got to be worth a shit load of money.  Why is it named 901 you ask?  Well its the area code of Timberlakes home of Memphis, Tennessee.

08 Jun

Live Nation…. You Bastards!!!!

Son of a Bitch.  Live Nation said they were doing “No Service Fee Wednesdays” the other week and I even posted about it.  Well you had to know it was too good to be true.  People who attempted to take advantage of the no service fee were SHOCKED to see service fees charged on their receipts.  Live Nation spokesman says “Fans will still be asked to pay parking fees (usually $6) as well as in some cases facility fees and/or charity fees.”

WTF!  You have to pay $6 for parking even if you don’t park at the show?  Then they get you by not being able to see the fees until you are completely done buying the tickets online and your card is charged.  DAMN SCAMMERS!

02 Jun

Live Nation No Service Fee Wednesdays

Alright hurry up. Live Nation is launching “No Service Fee Wednesdays” beginning tonight at 12:01. It’s going to be random Wednesdays throughout the summer so stay ON IT!

25 Feb

Live Nation/Ticketmaster Merger Update

Today the merger was brought before the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights and the Chicago music scene was in the center of it all. Live Nation chief executive Michael Rapino said that Live Nation only puts on 16% of the concerts in Chicago compared to the 29% that is put on by Chicago-based concert company Jam Productions.

Jerry Mickelson, owner of Jam Productions who is testifying against the merger states “U2 doesn’t call us. Shakira doesn’t call us. Coldplay doesn’t call us. They dominate the arena level. They control and have all of the outdoor amphitheaters… and with House of Blues (which Live Nation owns), they are taking over the lower-level theater business as well.”

However there are supporters out there including Seal, Shakira, Journey and Eddie Van Halen. Seal said “Anything that can strengthen the link between music creators and music lovers has my support. I believe the combined company will achieve that by aligning resources, talent and services.”

This is gonna get nasty FOLKS!


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