25 Sep

Free K-os Mix Tape

Step on over to HipHopDX for a free mixtape by K-os called ‘Anchorman Mixtape’. It’s pretty damn good!

17 Nov

k-os New Album Almost Here

Now, I have always liked k-os and I have put up his videos before so I am excited that his new album ‘Yes!’ is coming out on November 17th.  Here’s his new single 4 3 2 1

22 Apr

k-os Karma Donation Tour

Man, I love this idea.  Toronto based k-os is doing something a little risky.  On his upcoming tour beginning on April 30th he’s going to allow fans to pay what they want during and after they see the show.  He’ll be asking fans to make a “karma” donation with not all the proceeds going to him.  Fans can donate to the David Suzuki Foundation (Canadian foundation that researches how to build a clean, competitive economy that doesn’t threaten the natural services that support all life) and get a “fan-mixed” version of his new album that came out last week titled “Yes!”  k-os says “I love risk.  If I wanted no risk, I’d work some other job.  I’m excited to see what will happen.”  I hope he gets paid cause this guy has some great stuff.  Here’s one of my favorite from an older album of his.


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