06 Jun

iTunes is Dead!

I haven’t really used iTunes in the past 5-7 years so I’m not so worried about this.  Apple is replacing iTunes with new individual apps.  iTunes Music Store will operate in the sidebar in the music app and will continue to exist on Windows.

They are breaking up into podcasts, TV Shows and movies.  These 3 apps will launch in the next version of Mac OS, named ‘Catalina’, coming later this fall.

Since this is pretty big, I’ll leave the link to the full story on Billboard.com


25 Apr

iTunes Reports Record Sales

Apple’s fiscal second quarter, which ended on March 30th, brought in $43.6 Billion…yes BILLION. This is much better than the $39.2 Billion a year ago. They are reporting that the overall net profit however declined from $11.6 billion to $9.5 billion.

That’s crazy money there!

17 Nov

Beatles Catalog Finally Available!

After waiting and waiting to get the Beatles catalog online, it finally happened. And the winner is…..iTunes of course. On the November 16th EMI CEO Roger Faxon finally got the deal to work out with Apple’s Steve Jobs even with Google and Amazon in the mix. Apparently iTunes offered the best option for the music deal.

As of the other day there were over 15 Beatles songs on the iTunes top 100 and eight albums in the top 20. Nuts.


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