16 Mar

Weed Activist and Rappers Make Album

Ok, some of you may know Marijuana activist Ken Estes, the man who created the GrandDaddy Purple strain. Well he started a record label appropriately titled “Grandaddy Purp Music” and will be putting out an album titled “Medicine Man – Medical Marijuana Music” which will feature E-40, Celly Cel, J-Diggs, Total Devastation and others. The album came about after Estes put out a Hip-Hop video titled “Leave Ken Alone” which you can see below. The album is available today in digital format.

“Leave Ken Alone” short film & video feat. DJ Ignite from Prime Zero on Vimeo.

25 May

Oakland Drug Kingpin Gets Movie

This is sort of music news considering the consultants on this movie are some heavy hitters in the Bay Area music scene.  A movie called ‘Weight’ is coming out based on the life story of one of Oaklands youngest drug kingpin Darryl “Lil’ D” Reed who was in control of the local drug trade in the late 80’s.  Damn, by the time he was 18 he was making millions and by 21 he was facing a pretty large prison sentence on federal drug dealing charges.  Well Too $hort, E-40 and MC Hammer have been consulting on the making of this film to keep the “authenticity of the project.”  The film doesn’t have a director yet but its due out in the Spring/Summer of 2010.


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