10 Aug

Drake Removes Some Lyrics

I don’t normally post on huge famous artists but I thought this was a great move.  Drake recently released an album of his hit songs and one of them is “Jodeci Freestyle” that he did with J. Cole.  In that track, J. Cole says:

Go check the numbers dummy, that’s just me gettin’ started
I’m artistic, you n—as is autistic, retarded

Well Drake wasn’t having it and removed the lyric.  They even had to have a joint press release!  Cole apologized for being insensitive and all is safe and great in the world!


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05 Jul

Music Fact TidBit – Mozart

In 2016, Mozart sold more CD’s than Beyonce, Adele and Drake!

10 Dec

Vibe Relaunch

I’m a bit late on this but VIBE Magazine that shut down a while ago is making a comeback.   The debut issue came out on December 8th and features two covers; Rapper Drake and woman beater Chris Brown. The magazine will be a little over-sized and will have over 40 pages of advertising.


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