31 Oct

Rush’s ‘Best Of’ ….LIVE

A live performance Best Of by Rush titled ‘Working Men’ is coming out on November 16th. It’s a compilation of live performances from their 3 live albums ‘Rush in Rio’, ‘Snakes & Arrows Live’, and ‘R30’ and will be available on CD and by digital download. Here is the track listing

1. Limelight (S&A live)
2. The Spirit of Radio (R30)
3. 2112 (Rush in Rio)
4. Freewill (S&A live)
5. Dreamline (R30)
6. Far Cry (S&A live)
7. Subdivisions (R30)
8. One Little Victory (previously unreleased, R30)
9. Closer To The Heart (Rush in Rio)
10. Tom Sawyer (S&A live)
11. Working Man (R30)
12. YYZ (Rush in Rio)



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