28 Oct

Rare Sgt. Pepper Album Found

A very interesting story I found indeed.   John Tefteller of “John Tefteller’s World’s Rarest Records” had received a call from a widow of a Capitol Records executive who told him she had a bunch of records she wanted to get rid of.  When he went  and checked out the albums he found a sealed Sgt. Pepper LP and didn’t really think much of it until he really looked closely at it.  All the faces on the album were Capitol Records executives and no Beatles.  He ended up buying the collection then called Stan “The Beatleman” Panenka to ask about it.  Apparently there were only about 100 copies ever made.  Well a deal is now in the making with Stan Panenka for him to purchase it. I thought it was interesting.  Here is the album cover.




One Response to “Rare Sgt. Pepper Album Found”

  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    WOW!!!! and I thought I had all the Beatles Albums….How did I miss this one? LOL

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