13 Jul

Pollstar Concert Industry Stats

Every now and then I like to post information about the business side of music.  This is an interesting story by Pollstar on the Concert Industry Stats comparison for the period of 11/23/17 – 5/23/18 versus 11/22/18 – 5/22/19.

“The data shows that the concert industry is relatively stable. Though down single digits in overall gross and ticket sales, the concert business saw an impressive increase in average tour gross. While the Top 100 Worldwide tours declined 3.79% in total gross from $2.14 billion in 2018 to $2.06 billion in 2019 and total ticket sales dropped 6.14% from 22.27 million to 23.73 million, the Top 100 Worldwide Tours average gross per show increased significantly from $836,984 in 2018 to $915,095 – a 9.3% jump. That rise was in part fueled by more tickets per show: 9,901 in 2019 versus 9,282 in 2018 – up 6.67%.”

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