13 May

New English Beat

Word has it that Dave Wakeling of English Beat has a few songs up his sleeve and will putting out an album. He says he has 17 demos ready to go that he’s been playing over they years while touring. Their last album was 1982’s ‘Special Beat Service’. The thing he’s been thinking about is how he is going to release their music. He told Billboard.com:

“I’ve been talking with some record companies, trying to compare that to going about it independently by ourselves — and I’m sort of heading in the second direction, I think. It seems like the paradigm is in transition. The (labels) don’t have the money to let you make a record anymore, but they still want all the rights that were theirs a decade ago. We’ve had a few offers to produce the record without the record companies involved, so that may be the best way to go.”

Here’s a classic from them: I Confess



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