05 Jun

The Chronic Being Re-Released!!!???

Well, now that Death Row is sold, the new owners are making a big move.  Death Row/WIDEAwake Entertainment are re-releasing the Dr. Dre classic “The Chronic.”  It’s been known that there is a whole crap load of unreleased material at Death Row and when it was sold all that went to the new owners.  Senior VP says “We’re re-releasing ‘The Chronic’ and it’s going to be called ‘The Chronic Relit’.  It will be remastered with a couple more songs that were done at that same time as well as a lot of footage and artwork.  We’re remastering it so that it works with today’s technology, but we’re not changing the mixes or doing anything like that.”  He also went on to say “There are a couple Dre tracks that had no third verse and we’re going to be seeking people to complete them.  We won’t go to the entertainment realm.  We just want average, everyday people.”

I don’t know about this.  WTF is  “todays technology” and who are “average everyday people?”

What does Dre have to say about this?  Why didn’t he buy Death Row?  Wouldn’t he want the masters to his own shit?  Maybe he’s scared.



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