28 Oct

Slash and Black Eyed Peas

You know, I almost skipped over this but it was so embarrassing to watch I had to let you know.  I’m not going to post the video but I’ll give you the option to see it on your own.  On Sunday night at the Black Eyed Peas show, they brought out Slash to do “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.  Just…..horrible.

BEP & Slash



3 Responses to “Slash and Black Eyed Peas”

  1. 1
    ik Says:

    i loved it

  2. 2
    ik Says:

    i loved it alot cnt wait for slash’s new album fergie is on it

  3. 3
    Joe Says:

    Can’t blame this one one Slash! He is one of the besrt and most underrated guitarists ever! He has to make his $$$ too. But Fergie just did an absolutly horrible job acting like Axl, I mean if you plan to cover a song like that you have to really cover it or make it your own….. this WAS shit. Yet not Slash’s fault.

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