31 May

Metallica’s Overpriced Jacket

I don’t even like commenting on this but Metallica has launched a “limited edition iPod interactive jacket.” Um . . .yaaa.  Metallica teamed up with Sessions on this jacket that has a built-in pair of speakers, an amplifier and illuminated control pad on the outer sleeve.  Your iPod or iPhone plugs in and is safely tucked away in a waterproof compartment.  Oh and the jacket also has Metallica graphics including the Death Magnetic photo inside the liner and the M4 logo.  And if that wasn’t enough you can put the hood up for added bass.  The jacket is limited to 800 and will be coming out this Autumn.  You can make reservations at Metallicas MetStore until June 8th but you have to give them 50% of the whopping $330 price tag.   I don’t know about you but the metal heads I know wouldn’t even have $3.30 to spend on this.




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