03 May

Lil Wayne Is Dumped by PepsiCo

I post this more on the fact that I really dislike Lil Wayne and his ‘style’ of music. On a song by Future that features Wayne, he refers to beating someone during a sexual act, and doing as much damage that was done to ‘Till’. The lyrics are

“Pop a lot of pain pills
Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels
Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till”

This is referring to Emmett Till, the black teen from Chicago who was killed back in 1955. Till was killed for allegedly whistling at a white woman. He was beaten, eyes gouged out and shot in the head then had a cotton gin fan tied to his body with barbed wire and tossed into a river.

PepsiCo didn’t approve of his lyrics and cut ties with Wayne. I don’t know what kind of contract he had with PepsiCo but it’s gone now. Waynes publicist claims that the split was due to “creative differences.” Ya right. I just want him to go away and quit ruining music.



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