02 Feb

Devo Playing at 2010 Winter Olympics

Devo will be playing at the Victory Ceremony on February 22nd in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics.  Thats pretty sweet actually since its great timing for their new album that’s coming out soon.  Devo’s character Booji Boy made the following statement

“DEVO were collectively ready to relax in their matching LAZYBOY loungers, sipping drinks by the 19th hole, but the rate things have been falling apart, and the velocity of de-evolution these days left us with no choice but to get back out there and inform people that now, more than ever before, it is time to disobey the mob and think for ourselves!  To remind people that biology is destiny, and de-evolution is real!  We are back with inspirational tomes of truth and neuro-simpatico sonic nuggets for the entire world, not just our species!
From your inarticulate pal,
booji boy oxo'”



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