07 Mar

Darryl “DMC” Daniels is Getting A Reality Show

Yep you heard it right. DMC of Run DMC fame is currently developing a new reality show called “The Kings of Rap” which will bring young aspiring artists to create music that doesn’t “glorify violence, degrade women or include the use of profanity.” That shouldn’t be too tough now should it? That’s like having the Sopranos with no swear words. It just doesnt feel the same. But anyway the series will be based in New York City and will film from various locations such as the Abbey Road of Hip-Hop Chung King Studios.

DMC says “There are so many talented kids out there who don’t get heard or don’t get signed because they’re not controversial enough or they’re too positive. That amazes me. The spirit of Hip-Hop was always about changing the world or yourself, not with a gun or with denigrating or offensive words, but by being effective with your mind.” I ain’t gonna lie, I’ll watch it. I actually liked the White Rapper show on MTV a couple years back (what happened to that show?).



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