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26 Jul

Ticket Scammer Escapes Prison

I thought this was interesting.  Hannah Rebecca Valentine, 19, recently scammed 100 people out of fake concert tickets, gone to prison and now she’s escaped.  She was found guilty of 53 fraudulent offenses by forging tickets to various shows such as Post Malone and several festivals.

I would stick to StubHub for tickets even though they charge an arm and a leg.

Here she is

09 Jul

Free A$AP Rocky

Looks like A$AP Rocky won’t be getting out of Swedish Jail as quickly as he would like.  While over in Swedan, a guy had gone up to A$AP and accused him of breaking his headphones.  After some words were exchanged, they began to fight.  A$AP was thrown in jail and now can’t get out for at least 2 weeks.  He was denied counsel and now waits to be released.  There is a petition to sign to get him out over here

25 Jun

Bonnaroo…Sold Out

Rick Farman, co-founder of Superfly Entertainment who started Bonnaroo, wont be part of the Festival after 2019.  Back in 2015 Live Nation purchased a controlling interest in the festival and kept Farman on until this year.  Now it plans to purchase the rest of the festival from the remaining minority owners.  Going forward the festival will be produced by AC Entertainment and C3 Presents, which of course Live Nation owns.

22 Jun

Lawsuit Against UMB For Master Recordings

Universal Music Group is being sued by the estates of Tom Petty, Tupac, Soundgarden, Steve Earle and Hole.  Back in 2008 there was a huge fire that destroyed an estimated 500,000 master recordings by artists ranging from Nirvana to Billie Holiday.  They were held in a facility that UMG had rented from NBC and value the losses from the fire at $150 million.

According to the lawsuit its looking for:

“50% of any settlement proceeds and insurance payments received by UMG for the loss of the Master Recordings, and 50% of any remaining loss of value not compensated by such settlement proceeds and insurance payments.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock (766815b)
Plume of black smoke rising from the back lot
Fire at Universal Film Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, America – 01 Jun 2008
Fire erupted early Sunday morning June 1, 2008

07 Jun

OK Computer – 18 Hours of Unreleased Music

So I read in the news that someone was ransoming 18 hours of previously unreleased material from Radioheads OK Computer album. It was all recorded by Thom Yorke and the ransom was upwards of $150,000. Well nobody paid the ransom so the 18 hours of music has been released….somewhere out there (I didn’t search but it’s apparently out there).

The leaked material includes previously unreleased live-only tracks as well as short riffs and ambient snippets that never evolved into full songs.

31 May

Rob Halford Hates Cell Phones

During the May 25, 2019 Judas Priest concert, Rob Halford got a little angry about the Cell Phone lights coming from cell phones. One phone he was really annoyed with and kicked the phone out of the fans hands. It went flying back into the crowd. Rob said the lights were annoying him. Here’s the short clip:

30 May

Aretha Franklin and her Wills

The great Aretha Franklin passed on August 16, 2018 and since that time, three different hand written wills have been found in her Detroit-area home. The wills split the assets to the family members. Since they are hand-written wills, an attorney isn’t sure they were legal under Michigan Law.

13 Nov

John Lydon Likes Mick Jagger!!

It took a long long time for this story to come out but John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, says that Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger helped out Sid Vicious when everybody else turned their backs. When Sid was accused of murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in 1979, it was Mick Jagger who paid for the legal fees. John says:

“For that, I have a good liking of Mick Jagger. There was activity behind the scenes from Mick so I applaud him. He never used it to advance himself publicity-wise.”

Unfortunately Sid died from an overdose so the case never went to court.

23 Apr

Lauryn Hill Owes Big Dough!

Although her court appearance was postponed until May 6th, she still has to wonder about paying about $504,000 on $1.8 million past income. I wonder why people with big money do this. You have to know to pay taxes on it. Well she has two weeks to pay that $504k and if not, she can face between 24-30 months in jail.

C’mon Lauryn, get your shit together already.

28 Dec

Rolling Stones on On Banknote!

Ok this is completely crazy. The Bank of England are looking at choosing a celebrity to appear on the 10 (pound) banknote. Their list, chosen by the public, will replace Charles Darwin who is currently on the Series E token. The list is short and has none other than Mick Jagger at the top along with the Beatles, Churchill, David Beckham and others.

No word on a decision yet.

28 Sep

Tommy Lee Sued Over Drum Set

Well not so much the drum set, but the roller coaster mechanism he’s been using on tour (see below). Apparently back in 1991 the engineer Scott King showed Tommy Lee his roller coaster drum apparatus but Lee didn’t take to it. Now all these years later, Lee has been using the design on his tour with Motley Crue. Scott King is suing Lee for at least $400,000 in damages. Lee of course said Scott King never approached him about his design.

25 Apr

LMFAO Handed Lawsuit

Aww damn … right before LMFAO walked into the American Idol studio they were served with at $7 million lawsuit by their former management company Rpm. Rpm claims that after they signed them and they got huge, they were trying to be cut from their contract. The suit also claims that both of the guys in LMFAO took some of the Rpm employees and paid them to be their managers.

Sounds pretty crazy. Good luck with that!

28 Dec

Frampton Suing A&M Records

Similar to Eminem and The Knack’s lawsuits, Peter Frampton is suing Universal Music Group owned A&M Records for unpaid royalties, breach of contract and unfair competition.  The basis is the way royalties are calculated for digital sales against licensed sales.  Frampton is expecting 50% of net receipts which he says is for his licensed sales.  Digital sales have a much lower royalty rate.

22 Dec

Fake Rap Label Scores Drugs/Guns

Just amazing. The Washington D.C. police force and the ATF set up a fake rap label then put the word out that they were looking for drugs and guns. After a year long investigation, here’s what they got:

70 suspects arrested
161 firearms
80 pounds of METH
21 pounds of cocaine


13 Mar

Ja Rule 2 Year Prison Sentence

Poor Ja Rule.  He is surrendering to New York Authorities on June 8 to begin his 2 year sentence for illegal weapons possession.  This happened back in 2007 while in New York but he’s been free on bail so he can finish up his new album and his reality TV show.


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