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03 Jul

Nipsey Hussle’s Murder Case Reopened

LAPD Internal Affairs have reopened the case on Nipsey Hussle’s murder.  Internal Affairs got involved because the girlfriend of the murderer was driving the getaway car.  She went to an LAPD office to turn in the murderer but she was turned away by the desk officer.  She was able to talk to detectives later that day.  Of course, she’s now getting death threats for turning in the murderer.

23 Jun

Philippe Zdar of Cassius…Dies

Damn, this really sucks.  Philippe Zdar of the electronica group Cassius has passed away.  These guys weren’t played on the radio but if you were into house/electronica then you probably heard of them.  They were a huge part of the French dance music that was coming out in the 90’s.  Zdar also produced other music for people like rapper MC Solaar and LA Funk Mob.  The crazy part is how he died; he fell from the window of a Paris building!  We was only 52 years old.

Here’s a pic of him from 2015 and the video for the track ‘Foxxy’ from their first album ‘1999’.


31 May

Kenny Rogers in Hospital-Not Dead

Apparently there are a lot of rumors that Kenny Rogers is dead. No, actually he’s just in the hospital. Here’s what his media reps had to say:

” Kenny was recently admitted to a local Georgia hospital and treated for dehydration. Rogers will remain there to complete some physical therapy to get his strength back prior to discharge. He appreciates the concern and well wishes he has received from his fans and can assure everyone he plans on sticking around through the years to come.”

Kenny Rogers while not dead, looks pretty close to it in this pic
30 May

Aretha Franklin and her Wills

The great Aretha Franklin passed on August 16, 2018 and since that time, three different hand written wills have been found in her Detroit-area home. The wills split the assets to the family members. Since they are hand-written wills, an attorney isn’t sure they were legal under Michigan Law.

23 May

Jake Black of Alabama 3 – Gone

I’m pretty sure a lot of people know the Sopranos song ‘Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3. Well the lead singer, Jake Black, passed on Tuesday May 21, 2019 in London. He was a young 59 years old. Guess he’s not waking up this morning. Wow, that was awful.

Jake Black of Alabama 3
02 Oct

Charles Bradley….Gone

I recently got into Charles Bradley, thanks to Spotify and really enjoyed his version of ‘Changes.’  He was in his 50’s when his first single came out.  A bit of a late start.  He was 68 when he passed of stomach cancer on 9/23/17.  Here’s a great cover by him


10 Aug

Glen Campbell is Dead

I wasn’t a fan but if someone can put out more than 70 albums and sell 45 million records with 12 gold albums, you have to give some respect. I’m sure if you heard some of his more famous songs you would go ‘ohhh ya this song.’

He passed on 8/8/17 in Nashville at 81 years old of Alzheimer’s disease.


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