08 Feb

Ziggy Marley Super Hero!!

Ziggy Marley has created…..Marijuanaman. It’s going to be a comic written by Man of Action Studios Joe Casey with illustration by Jim Mahfood and will come in an oversized deluxe hardcover graphic novel.

Marley states “Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future… the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet.”

The 48 page full cover hardcover will hit stores at $24.99 this year on….wait for it….April 20th!!

08 Feb

Bob Marley Documentary

Another Bob Marley documentary is in the works and it’s being done with the approval and help of Ziggy Marley and family. Ziggy selected director Kevin MacDonald who’s done movies such as ‘The Last King of Scotland, ‘One Day In September’ and ‘Touching the Void’ (now that sounds like a good time!!). Ziggy said in a statement:

“We went to Kevin initially as an acclaimed documentarian but what has been most important to the family is his obvious passion for and interest in my father’s life as a musician and person.”

MacDonald says: “What made Bob tick is probably unanswerable but viewers will certainly feel that they know him a little better after seeing our documentary. I am grateful to the Marley family for entrusting me with their heritage.”

The movie should be out on May 11th which is the 30th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death.

23 Feb

Ziggy Marley’s Childrens Album

Oh so sweet, Ziggy Marley has brought in his siblings, daughter and some superstars to work on his first children’s album called “Family Time” which is due May 5th on the Tuff Gong label. Those superstars are Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, Willie Nelson, Toots Hibberts along with Jamie Lee Curtis who narrates two stories.


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