05 Apr

Madchild “Gremlin”

Here’s the new video for Gremlin which is due to come out on June 5, 2012.

07 Sep

Swollen Members Album

Swollen Members have a new album coming out called ‘Dagger Mouth’ and I’m really happy about this. I just love these guys. The release date is sometime in early 2011 but currently they are touring in Canada, their home country. Prevail says:

“We will be kicking off our first tour this September in our own back yard of Western Canada. We can’t wait to get out and be with our fans again! We are counting down the days to play some of the new tracks from Dagger Mouth as well as perform the classics for our people. After being home for a while, we really started to miss the feeling of being out and performing in front of our people! There are no parties that compare to a club full of our Swollen Army and Battleaxe Warriors!”

19 Aug

Swollen Members New Album

Swollen Members will be releasing a new album on October 13th titled ‘Armed to The Teeth’ and last week they shot an X-Rated video for their first single ‘Pornstar’.  If you haven’t heard much from these guys here is something to sink your teeth into.  It’s ‘Breathe’ featuring Nelly Furtado from their ‘Monsters In The Closet’ album back in 2002.


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