16 May

Suge Knight Claims Tupac Was Gay!

WTF is wrong with this loser Suge Knight. He’ll say anything to try and be relevant. Suge has been going around saying that Tupac ended his professional relationship with a certain rapper because he thought the rapper was gay. Now Tupac’s family is saying its totally false since Tupac was close friends with designer Gianni Versace, who was an openly gay guy.

This story just sucks all the way around. Fk off Suge Knight. Someone needs to knock this fool out again.

05 Dec

Suge Knight Arrested Again!

Damn this fool. Last night he got arrested again for an outstanding traffic warrant in LA County. He was released an hour after his arrest.

28 Feb

Suge Knight Auctioned off his Assets

You know I love to report on fat head Suge Knight. Well last weekend he has some of his possessions auctioned off to pay storage debts. There was clothing, furniture and gym equipment. This stuff came from his former Malibu mansion that was sold in 2008. According to reports, a photo of Suge and Tupac went for only $100 and a flat-screen TV that went for $230. Only $4,500 was made on his crap which didn’t quite pay the storage fees. You know this fool has money hidden all over the place. Seriously, Death Row Records was worth millions of dollars.

29 Mar

More Suge Knight DRAMA

Thats right MORE.  A man that works for Akons Producer said that he was the victim of a home invasion by representatives of Suge Knight. His name is Christopher Walker and he told TMZ.com that five men broke into his home in California at about 3 am and took about $170,000 in jewelry, some stereo equipment, a key to a Benz and more totaling about $300,000. Walker said the home invasion was possibly a result from the altercation where some of Akons boys beat Suge Knight during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Arizona. Remember I spoke about this a couple weeks ago (you can use the search on the right side to find it). No comment from Suge yet.

23 Feb

Suge Knight Got Socked Up Again

YES, Suge Knight has suffered facial injuries in a brawl with a member of Akon’s entourage last week. As part of the NBA All-star weekend at the W Hotel in Scottsdale Arizona, Suge was hanging out partying when him and his crew got into it with Akons crew. Oh man, police had to taser Robert Carnes Jr. after he punched Suge in the Head, TWICE. Man they should of waited a little bit longer so more punches could of gotten to Suges big ol’ fat head.


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