30 Sep

Rod Stewart And Las Vegas

Like so many before him, Rod Stewart will be doing a bunch of shows in Las Vegas. All this after his 33 sold out shows he did all over the world. The dates for these shows are all in November beginning on 6th and continuing on the 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 18, 20th and 21st. Now here’s the fun part. Tickets are from $69 to $225. And that’s if you can get them. You know the aftermarket for those will be huge. Rod tells us:

“For some years now, AEG Live has been wanting me to do a residency show in Vegas. I decided it was time to give it a try but I thought ‘first, let’s try 2 weeks instead of 2 years though’. Who knows what this could lead to? I know that my band, background singers, and I are going to enjoy performing in such an intimate setting and having the chance for the fans to be in close proximity while hearing all the hits.”

08 Aug

Music Quote Tidbit – Freddie Mercury

β€œRod Stewart, Elton John and I were going to form a band called Hair, Nose and Teeth after the three of us. But it hasn’t happened because none of us can agree on the order of the words!”

Freddie Mercury

07 Mar

Rod Stewarts MTV Performance on DVD

Are you a ROD Stewart fan?  Do you remember his 1993 performance for MTV’s Unplugged series?  Well its being remastered and expanded and also includes a DVD of the performance which aired on MTV but never released in any format.  This performance also reunited Stweart with Ron Wood who he played with in the Jeff Beck Group and the Faces.  Of course Ron Wood went on to play with the Rolling Stones and Stewart has had a great solo career.  You can but the CD/DVD package for about $25 or just the digital/audio version for $12.00.  Support and buy it here Unplugged…and Seated (CD/DVD Collector’s Edition)

23 Feb

Rod Stewart at Daptone Studios – Maybe

So Rod Stewart has a session booked at the Daptone Studio this last Friday but it might not happen. The Daptone Studios were broken into recently and a whole bunch of shit was stolen. A partial list of what was taken:

Fender Super Guitar Amp in case, Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp, A whole bunch of headphones and wires, HP laptop computer, One Desktop MacIntosh Computer, One Purple Audio API style lunchbox with four Purple Audio Biz mic pre-amps, 2 Yamaha NS10 monitors, Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar, One steel string acoustic guitar, Martin Tenor sax in a gig bag, Technics 1200 turntable, Ion USB turntable, Teac Receiver/stereo amp.

And that’s the small list of what’s missing. What’s even worse is they didn’t have insurance so they have to bite the big one themselves. If anyone wants to help

Daptone Records
115 Troutman St.
Brooklyn, NY 11206


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