06 May

Motely Crue-Mick Mars Assaulted On Stage

Poor Mick Mars.  The guy is already suffering from a disease that makes it extremely difficult to move his body, and some guy jumps onstage while he was performing and rams right into him, knocking him down.  This chump somehow gets past security, jumps onstage, and after hitting Mars, then grabbed onto Vince Neil.  Finally security gets the guy down, and one of the security guards ends up with two broken ribs.

Funny thing is you can see Nikki Sixx kicking the guy while he is on the floor being detained by security.  Check out the video!

28 Nov

Nikki Sixx And His Books!

You would think Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue would be done after writing 2 books, The Heroin Diaries and This is Gonna Hurt.  Now not only is he writing another book, but he’s writing TWO!  While he doesn’t really say what they will be about, he did mention when they would be out.

“I am working on it now… I am hoping to release it somewhere between May-June 2012.  I am writing two books as we speak actually. The 2nd book will be out in 2013.”

15 Dec

Nikki Sixx Book/Album/Documentary

Due out in March 2011, Nikki Sixx is releasing his follow up book to ‘The Heroin Diaries’ called ‘This is Gonna Hurt’. It will also include a documentary and a soundtrack album by his band ‘Sixx:AM’. It was described by his publisher as “part photo, part journal, but all Nikki Sixx.

24 Feb

Sixx Am Album Coming Along

Nikki Sixx recently spoke about his upcoming album. The Motley Crue bassist says:

“Sixx AM is balls out and balls to the wall working on our new album. DJ Ashba layed down guitars yesterday on a few tracks. Today is bass and a new tune we’re just finishing up. Some very Sixx AM left turns on this album. I don’t remember laughing this much in the studio in a long time. I imagine there is over two albums worth of material written, but just like last time it will probably be a single album…the cream always rises to the top…no filler allowed.”

06 Aug

Nikki Sixx’s Book Reissued

Sixx’s 2002 book ‘An Education in Rebellion:  The Biography of Nikki Sixx” is going to be reissued on September 1st but you can pre-order it now.  The book has been entirely re-edited and fully updated through 2009.  Plus it has a 2-disc bonus sampler featuring some bands that apparently have been influenced by Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue.  It’s $15.95 if you pre-order by emailing ‘rocknrollbooks@yahoo.com’.



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