22 May

Peter Hook Q&A

Since I can’t post tons of news throughout the day, I think I’ll start sending a few links to interviews. I don’t cut and paste news and since I probably shouldn’t post entire interviews, I think links will do. Here is one I found with Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order (left in 2007).

Peter Hook Interview

02 Jan

Music Fact TidBit

The drum machine part on the recording of New Order’s Blue Monday – acknowledged as the best-selling 12-inch single of all time – had to be reprogrammed after the original was lost when the power lead was knocked out. The band have said that the first beat was better.

14 Oct

Peter Hook Says He Used to Forge Curtis’ Signature

This is a chump move if I ever heard one.  Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order fame admitted that he used to forge Ian Curtis’ signature on various pieces of memorabilia.  He says he did it “as a joke.”  He says

“I did have a reputation for doing Ian Curtis’ autograph for a long time.  There’s some guy who had An Ideal For Living and it was signed by all four members of the band and dated. I went in and said, ‘Have you not noticed that the date is after Ian died?’ It was me, I did them as a joke!”

What a chump!


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