15 Sep

Manson Fans Get Arrested

On Sunday night a bunch of fans apparently got too rowdy at the Marilyn Manson show in Winnipeg’s MTS Centre and the cops had to be called in.  No word on how many were arrested but there were a few people taken away in cuffs.  NICE!!

25 Mar

Marilyn Mansons Free Single

On March 27th Marilyn Manson will be releasing a FREE single on his website www.marilynmanson.com titled “We’re From America.” The song will be from his forthcoming 7th studio album due on May 25th. He worked with a new line-up on the album including Twiggy Ramirez for the first time in almost a decade. Manson says “I think my life definitely ended and began. The record sounds very final, but it’s almost optimistic though that feels like a strange word to use. It’s a phoenix from the fire and a redemption resurrection”


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