13 Nov

New Body Count Album

2006 was the last album Ice-T and his band Body Count put out an album. Now their 5th album is coming out sometime in 2014 and will be titled ‘Manslaughter’. Ice-T and guitarist Ernie C are the only remaining members since their original drummer, Beatmaster V and guitarist D-Roc The Executioner both died of cancer. Their original bassist, Mooseman, was shot and killed in 2001.

20 Jul

Ice-T and Melle Mel Is Unimpressed!

Both Ice-T and Melle Mel was at the European premier of Ice-T’s directorial debut for ‘Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap’ and they had shit to say.

Ice-T said he was unimpressed with today’s hip hop artists saying “It’s just pop. You’re not going to get anything as raw as what we heard before.”

Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel went on to say “The younger guys don’t look as good as us! They definitely don’t have our skills and that’s what the art of rap is.”

Damn fella’s tell us how you really feel.

03 Jan

Hungarian Station In Trouble for Playing Ice-T

A radio station in Budapest, Hungary is under investigation for playing Ice-T’s “It’s On”. Tilos Radio got an eight page document called ‘Ice-T Gate’ indicating their anger over them playing the song. Tilos responded though with the lyrics in English and Hungarian and stated that listeners can’t understand the meaning of slang terms Ice-T uses on the song.

More news should come later.

09 Nov

Ice-T Brandy

Ya you heard that right. Ice-T is teaming up with XO Brandy to bring us a new brandy called ‘Original Gangster’. He signed up with Aiko Importers and Pay Up Management to get things rolling. Ice-T didn’t want money straight up, he wanted a partnership so he could build other brands.

05 Oct

Ice-T on WWE? WTF!

In a recent interview Ice-T says that Vince McMahon of WWE contacted him asking him to appear on Monday Night Raw with Coco, his wife.   I don’t know what “appear” really means.  Are they going to be one of those weird wrestling teams?  Well the rumors are that Coco might be pregnant so it might not happen.


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