12 Jan

Gibsons Jackson Browne Guitar

Gibson Acoustic has announced a Jackson Browne signature acoustic guitar. Gibson and Browne have been working on the guitar for 5 years which ‘features an innovative acoustic pickup that gives an unparalleled reproduction of the guitars sound when amplified.’ It has a red spruce top and eco-friendly English walnut on the back and sides.

29 Sep

Gibson’s Jimi Hendrix Piano…Noooooo!

Man, this is just terrible.  What’s going on with Gibson?  They are coming out with a Jimi Hendrix piano called “The Baldwin Hendrix Custom Grand.”  It has a bunch of ugly drawings all over it and is listed for $168,848.   It was on the Gibson site but for some reason it got taken down.  Here are some pics I found of it.



12 Apr

Gibson is Gettin’ Rid of Some Peeps

Gibson Guitar has announced that they will lay off 70 workers. This is on top of the 50 workers they were already laying off worldwide. Luckily this is only about 5% of their entire workforce so hopefully we won’t have to worry about Gibson going under.


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