19 Jul

Interview with Joe Elliott of Def Leppard

I thought someone would be interested to hear this. It’s over at NPR’s ‘The Record’. Good Stuff!

Def Leppards Joe Elliott On Covering Def Leppard

05 Jan

Live: Def Leppard

I know some of you are thinking….WHY! Well they have announced that they are going on tour this new year and will be recording it for a new live album.

Joe Elliott says

“In this day in age, you record every show onto a hard drive. So we’ve got the entire tour backed up onto three or four hard drives. So we have the unenviable task of listening to probably 50 versions of every song we’ve ever played. We’ve got our sound guy from the studio – who’s a fantastic engineer and a great co-producer – he’s actually listening through to all the versions of the songs and kind of rating them on a 1-10 level of performance and excitement, if you like.”

21 Sep

Def Leppard Beer?

Well not exactly Def Leppard but singer Joe Elliot has launched his own beer in Dublin. His beer is called ‘Down ‘n’ Outz’ that is described as a pilsner style with a deep, rich malt character with generous hop bitterness. Elliot stated: “Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of musicians putting their names to a variety of wines etc which, as nice as a glass of red or white is, well, it’s not very rock and roll is it?!

04 Mar

Def Leppard Are Touring & Bringing….

Def Leppard are going on tour this summer here in the US and guess who’s coming along. Poison and Cheap Trick. Yep they will be touring for about 4 months in June through September with about 40 dates. The first date I see for this is June 23rd in Camden, New Jersey. Maybe this will help Def Leppard since they will be re-releasing remastered editions of their albums “Pyromania” and “Adrenalize.”


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