23 May

Dee Snider’s Broadway Classics Album

Ya I thought WTF also! Dee Snider announced that he’s making an album of Broadway standards titled “Dee Does Broadway” that will be released in September. Currently Dee is in the Broadway show “Rock of Ages” that started back in 2010 and will roll through the US until July 24th.

Dee told MTV news about his Broadway shows:

“The biggest difference between a concert situation and a theater situation is that you can’t curse out the audience. I’m used to addressing situations. If something is going on in the house that I don’t like at a concert, or if the audience is not energized or enthusiastic … or if they’re particularly energized and enthusiastic … I will stop a song just to comment on what’s going on. I quickly realized that was unacceptable on Broadway. I just have to stay in character and stay in the show.”

11 Apr

Dee Snider’s Reality Show

Aww shit like we need another one of these. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is staring in his own A&E reality show called ‘Growing Up Twisted’. The shows been picked up for 6 episodes and will star Dee, his wife and their children. No word on when its going to air.


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