19 Jan

Coldplay Discuss New Album

Well actually Chris Martin discusses the new album. Chris spoke to NME about the new album claiming they want this one to be their Masterpiece. For the album they moved away from Brian Eno and went to Markus Dravs (Bjork, Arcade Fire). Chris Martin says:

“We still don’t think we’ve delivered our masterpiece, so we’re still trying to do it. As long as we feel like that and we’re hungry… that’s all that matters.”

13 Dec

New Coldplay Coming

Coldplay are working on a new album to follow up with their ‘Viva La Vida’ album.  No actual date but it will be sometime in 2010.  There is word that it’s going to be more acoustic based.  I do love Coldplay but I really didn’t get into ‘Viva La Vida’ that much.  Maybe I should listen to it more.

19 Oct

ASCAP Awards McCartney & Coldplay

On October 14th, ASCAP had their London awards ceremony at the Grosvernor House Hotel in London.  They honored Paul McCartney (I refuse to put the “Sir” before his name) as the songwriter of the year for “All You Need Is Love”, “Come Together” and “Hello Goodbye”.  Song of the year went to Coldplay for “Viva La Vida” which I don’t really understand.  That song is typical Coldplay but it’s not as good as half the stuff they’ve written before.  In all 21 song awards were given out that night.  You can see it at all at ASCAP

16 May

Free Coldplay Album

Good ol’ Coldplay is givin up a free live album called LeftRightLeftRightLeft. Get it here



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