05 Jun

Iron Maiden Book Coming Soon

Coming out on June 26 is a new biography on Iron Maiden titled ‘Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History of the Beast’. It’s written by Neil Daniels who’s already written some good biographies on Judas Priest, Linkin Park and Bon Jovi. The hardcover book will have over 200 pages with over 400 photos and cover every era of the band beginning in 1975 when the band was formed.

23 Jun

Forbes Highest Paid Musicians

Forbes has come out with their 2011 list of highest paid musicians of the year and of course at number 1 is U2 at $195 million for the second consecutive year. Overall they have made $700 million on their 360 degree tour. Here are the remaining:

Bon Jovi at $125 million
Elton John at $100 million
Lady Gaga at $90 million
Michael Buble at $70 million
Paul McCartney at $66 million
Justin Bieber at $52 million

29 Aug

Bon Jovi Greatest Hits

Bon Jovi is putting out a greatest hits compilation on November 9th titled…well….’Greatest Hits’. Wow how boring. It will come out in one disc or two disc versions with one disc having 16 songs with two new songs and the two disc version having 28 tracks and two new songs.

07 Oct

Bon Jovi Documentary

A documentary about Bon Jovi has been acquired by Showtime and will air on October 24th.  Directed by Phil Griffin, no relation to…..Peter Griffin, it was filmed on the road during the bands 2008 Lost Highway World Tour.  Should be kinda cool.

29 Aug

Bon Jovi’s New Album

You might have already heard but Bon Jovi is putting out another album on November 10th titled ‘The Circle’. Their new single “We Weren’t Born to Follow” has been playing on the radio in the last couple weeks.


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