02 Apr

Fergie Falls On Her ASS!

Last week dumb ass Fergie and the shit group known as Black Eyed Pea’s were playing during one of their shows and she fell right on her fat ass. Trying to be cool again. This is great.

01 Feb

BEP Stole ‘Boom Boom Pow’ ?

Sorry peeps but I really don’t like Black Eyed Peas.  I can’t stand their pop garbage and auto tune songs so I’m a bit happy to hear about this.  Will.I.Am. has been accused in the past of plagiarism but damn, when you hear these songs next to each other, its pretty obvious.  The group ‘Phoenix Phenom’ apparently submitted their song ‘Boom Dynamite’ to Interscope Records prior to BEP releasing their song.  Just take a listen and judge for yourself.

26 Jan

BEP You Are NOT The Winner

France’s NRJ Awards in Cannes happened over this past weekend and at first they told Black Eyed Peas that they had won an award.  But an error had happened (like why are they even nominated since I think their music is GARBAGE!).  The award actually should have went to Tokio Hotel.  That’s great.  I’m just so sick of them and their auto tuner crap.


28 Oct

Slash and Black Eyed Peas

You know, I almost skipped over this but it was so embarrassing to watch I had to let you know.  I’m not going to post the video but I’ll give you the option to see it on your own.  On Sunday night at the Black Eyed Peas show, they brought out Slash to do “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.  Just…..horrible.

BEP & Slash


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