02 Aug

Top Tours So Far

Billboard came out with some staggering figures on the income from the top tours happening from June to July 2012.  Check out these crazy ass figures: Madonna July 14-21 Gross $20,882,753 (So far ...Read More

02 Aug

Worlds Richest Rock Stars

I came across this pretty cool graphic showing the worlds richest rock stars, their worth and what they’ve done.  Compliments of MTVHive.com Click pic to enlarge ...Read More

02 Aug

Al Jourgensen Collapses Onstage

Last Saturday night Al Jourgensen of Ministry collapsed onstage during a concert in Paris.  He was sent to the hospital where he was diagnosed with “full-system collapse due to extreme ...Read More

24 Jul

Public Enemy Album!!

I just heard Public Enemys new album ‘Most of My Heroes Don’t Appear On No Stamp’ and damn it’s nice. I went through SellABand and gave some money to fund their album and ...Read More

20 Jul

Ice-T and Melle Mel Is Unimpressed!

Both Ice-T and Melle Mel was at the European premier of Ice-T’s directorial debut for ‘Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap’ and they had shit to say. Ice-T said he was ...Read More

20 Jul

Spice Girls at Olympics?

It’s been 4 years since the Spice Girls have performed together (should be longer) but it looks like they are back, to perform at the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony. Looks like ...Read More

19 Jul

Interview with Joe Elliott of Def Leppard

I thought someone would be interested to hear this. It’s over at NPR’s ‘The Record’. Good Stuff! Def Leppards Joe Elliott On Covering Def Leppard ...Read More

07 Jul

D’Angelo Performance at BET Awards

It’s good to see him back in decent shape. He still sounds great! ...Read More

07 Jul

Music Quote TidBit – Jerry Garcia

“… We have quite a large area, and that makes it more fun for us — certainly more satisfying, because it doesn’t restrict us to one particular idea or one particular style. ...Read More

07 Jul

Music Fact TidBit – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The solo in The Beatles ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ is actually played by Eric Clapton.  He was never credited on the album. ...Read More

07 Jul

MOG Purchased by Dre/Iovine

Music service MOG was purchased last week by ‘Beats Electronics’, the company founded by Dr. Dre and Interscope/Geffen/A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine.  No changes to the service or ...Read More

07 Jul

MNTB Classic Pics – The Beatles

The Beatles in Copenhagen 1964 ...Read More

03 Jul

Just saw this over at Fuse. Here’s Alex Chadwick of Chicago Music Exchange giving you 60 years of Rock N’ Roll in 100 guitar riffs. Pretty damn cool. ...Read More

02 Jul

Lightning Strikes At Festival-Injurys

This is just nuts. Over in Leipzig, Germany where the ‘With Full Force’ festival was happening, a lightning bolt crashed down and injured 51 people enjoying the music. The festival ...Read More

26 Jun

Slash At #1!

For the very first time, Slash has a #1 hit with the “You’re A Lie” song off his new album that came out on May 22 called ‘Apocalyptic Love.’ I’m really happy ...Read More

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