06 May

Motely Crue-Mick Mars Assaulted On Stage

Poor Mick Mars.  The guy is already suffering from a disease that makes it extremely difficult to move his body, and some guy jumps onstage while he was performing and rams right into him, ...Read More

03 May

Lil Wayne Is Dumped by PepsiCo

I post this more on the fact that I really dislike Lil Wayne and his ‘style’ of music. On a song by Future that features Wayne, he refers to beating someone during a sexual act, and ...Read More

01 May

Lauryn Hill’s Explanation Letter

Lauryn Hill has finally opened up about her recent issues.  A while back I Posted about Lauryn Hill’s financials troubles. Well she has written a letter to us all, giving her side of the ...Read More

01 May

Beastie Boys Memoir Coming

The Beastie Boys have wanted to do a book for years but the last few years they had to focus on the health of Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away in May 2012. Mike D and Ad-Rock will ...Read More

01 May

LL Cool J and Eddie Van Halen

Very interesting.  Eddie Van Halen recently announced that he had collaborated with LL Cool J on two tracks on LL’s new album (LL still does music?).  Here are some comments from both of ...Read More

25 Apr

Amy Winehouse Documentary

Well you knew it was coming. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Asif Kapadia and Universal Music are working together to bring us Amy Winehouse’s life and career. “This is an incredibly ...Read More

25 Apr

iTunes Reports Record Sales

Apple’s fiscal second quarter, which ended on March 30th, brought in $43.6 Billion…yes BILLION. This is much better than the $39.2 Billion a year ago. They are reporting that the ...Read More

23 Apr

Lauryn Hill Owes Big Dough!

Although her court appearance was postponed until May 6th, she still has to wonder about paying about $504,000 on $1.8 million past income. I wonder why people with big money do this. You have to ...Read More

21 Mar

MNTB Classic Pic – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash – October 1959 ...Read More

21 Mar

Tool and their Golden Tickets

Tool is going to have a little fun with their limited edition anniversary reissue of the “Opiate” EP.  The EP will be released in a limited run of 5,000 copies with 5 different 1,000 ...Read More

20 Mar

Peter Murphy Arrested!

We haven’t heard much from the ex-Bauhaus singer but he’s in the news today. He pleaded not guilty to hit and run and driving under the influence of drugs and possession. Oh Peter ...Read More

26 Feb

Foo Fighters Album In The Works

OK it’s only been a few months since Grohl said they were gonna go away for a while but now, it looks like they’ll be working on a new album. This will be their 8th studio album. Dave ...Read More

11 Jan

New Alice In Chains Video

Here is the first video from their new album titled ‘Hallow’. The new album is supposed to be coming out in the spring. Jerry Cantrell said “In my opinion, that record stood up ...Read More

28 Dec

Rolling Stones on On Banknote!

Ok this is completely crazy. The Bank of England are looking at choosing a celebrity to appear on the 10 (pound) banknote. Their list, chosen by the public, will replace Charles Darwin who is ...Read More

28 Dec

2012 Top iTunes Music

Well now that 2012 is coming to an end, there will no doubt be tons of lists going on.  Here’s one I found compliments to Hypebot.com Top Albums 1. 21, Adele 2. Red, Taylor Swift 3. Babel, ...Read More

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