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17 Jun

N.E.R.D. Hot N’ Fun

Here’s the new track from N.E.R.D. from their upcoming album “Nothing” which will be out on September 7th.

22 May

Trent Reznor’s New Band/New Video

You might have already heard but Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails has started a new band with his wife ‘Mariqueen Maandig’ called ‘How to Destroy Angels’. Here’s a track from their album called ‘The Space In Between’. It’s nice and dark…just how I like it.

13 May

New English Beat

Word has it that Dave Wakeling of English Beat has a few songs up his sleeve and will putting out an album. He says he has 17 demos ready to go that he’s been playing over they years while touring. Their last album was 1982’s ‘Special Beat Service’. The thing he’s been thinking about is how he is going to release their music. He told

“I’ve been talking with some record companies, trying to compare that to going about it independently by ourselves — and I’m sort of heading in the second direction, I think. It seems like the paradigm is in transition. The (labels) don’t have the money to let you make a record anymore, but they still want all the rights that were theirs a decade ago. We’ve had a few offers to produce the record without the record companies involved, so that may be the best way to go.”

Here’s a classic from them: I Confess

12 May

Thomas Dolby New Album…Whaaaaa!!!

Wow this is sweet. Thomas Dolby is putting out an album after 20 years of NOTHING! It’s called ‘A Map of the Floating City’ and will be coming out later this year. Some special guests are Mark Knopfler, Regina Spektor and others. He’s gonna do a teaser three to four song EP before the full album that you can get at his site The Flat Earth Society if you’re a member. Just sign up and get the EP.

If you don’t remember him, here’s a good one from back in the day.

Thomas Dolby Hyperactive
Uploaded by Celtiemama. – Explore more music videos.

08 May

Sade’s New Video – Babyfather

Great song from the amazingly beautiful Sade. Here’s ‘Babyfather’ off her new album.

03 May

Wendy O. Williams Throbblehead

Wendy O. Williams will be the first female Throbblehead and limited to only 2,000 numbered units. The Throbblehead is made by Aggronautix and is the 6th of the Throbblehead series. If you like this one you should really go check out the rest of them. Here’s a pic of it and the video that the design came from.

20 Apr

Gang Starr – Ex Girl to Next Girl

Here’s a favorite of my from Gang Starr:

18 Apr

Vince Neil ‘Tattoos And Tequila’

Vince Neil of Motley Crue is releasing his new solo album called ‘Tattoos and Tequila’ in Europe on June 4th.  I know that doesn’t do us any good here in the States…..right.  Well here is the first single from the album called ‘Tattoos and Tequila’.  Waddya think?

17 Apr

Ice Cube Introduces His Son ‘OMG’

Ok this actually ain’t bad. Check out Ice Cube’s son ‘OMG’. Lame name though.

14 Apr

The Kottonmouth Kings New Video

On April 20th The Kottonmouth Kings are releasing a new album titled ‘Long Live The Kings’ and here is their new release ‘Mushrooms’. They will also be touring with the Insane Clown Posse through May and June.

02 Apr

Fergie Falls On Her ASS!

Last week dumb ass Fergie and the shit group known as Black Eyed Pea’s were playing during one of their shows and she fell right on her fat ass. Trying to be cool again. This is great.

27 Mar

Scarface Mixtape Coming

Houston Rapper Scarface is releasing his first official mixtape called ‘Dopeman Music’ and will possibly be out in the spring. Scarface told MTV

“I always wanted to drop a mixtape on my own so I just said, ‘Let’s drop an independent mixtape.’ I feel that I should be as an adult and musician and pioneer – that’s what they call me – I feel that I need to move on to another stage with the way I deliver my music to the public. I got a lot of shit and I’m using about 3% of what I know about music. I’m not using it all…I am music. I can play that shit long enough for a real musician to catch it and feel me, where I’m going, and we make magic like that.”

Here’s a great track from him back in the day.

18 Mar

Gorillaz Rip Off Eddy Grant?

Eddy Grant has made quite the accusation stating that Gorillaz ripped off his song “Time Warp” and called it their own on their single “Stylo.” Grant states

“I am outraged that the Gorillaz have infringed the copyright of my song ‘Time Warp’ claiming their song ‘Stylo’ to be an original composition. My song sits almost note to note with their release and is a blatant rip off.”

I sort of hear it but it sounds slowed down. Check it for yourself

16 Mar

Weed Activist and Rappers Make Album

Ok, some of you may know Marijuana activist Ken Estes, the man who created the GrandDaddy Purple strain. Well he started a record label appropriately titled “Grandaddy Purp Music” and will be putting out an album titled “Medicine Man – Medical Marijuana Music” which will feature E-40, Celly Cel, J-Diggs, Total Devastation and others. The album came about after Estes put out a Hip-Hop video titled “Leave Ken Alone” which you can see below. The album is available today in digital format.

“Leave Ken Alone” short film & video feat. DJ Ignite from Prime Zero on Vimeo.

08 Mar

Erykah Badu on Jimmy Fallon

Did you guys see Erykah Badu on Jimmy Fallon last week? Well here is her performance of “Window Seat” off her new album ‘New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh” which will come out on March 30th.


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