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01 Sep

New Technics Turntable

Technics is putting out a new edition of the first direct drive turntable next summer 2018.  The new turntable is called the Technics SP-10R, a reissue of the SP-10 that came out in….1970!  As Technics called it,

“most premium analog, direct-drive turntable to date.”

No price on it yet.

18 May

Sex Pistols Figure Set

I love this Sex Pistols set from FUNKO. The come in at 3.75 inches tall all dressed in the similar style of the Sex Pistols right down to the pad lock chain on Sid. You can get them individually or as a 3 pack for $26.95.

Check them out over at Aggronautix

29 Dec

Motorhead Jewelry

Motorhead and The Great Fog jewelers have released The Motorhead Warpig ring.  Lemmy has loved The Great Fog jewelers for years and he gave the final approval of the limited edition and number engraved ring.  It costs about $280 USD. See what it looks like below

08 Feb

Ziggy Marley Super Hero!!

Ziggy Marley has created…..Marijuanaman. It’s going to be a comic written by Man of Action Studios Joe Casey with illustration by Jim Mahfood and will come in an oversized deluxe hardcover graphic novel.

Marley states “Marijuanaman represents the hope of the future… the hope that we will utilize all of the power that the universe has given us to save our planet.”

The 48 page full cover hardcover will hit stores at $24.99 this year on….wait for it….April 20th!!

21 Jan

TDK Boombox is Sick!

The word’s been out for about a month but I finally got around to checking it out. The TDK Boombox is pretty cool but for $399/$499 you can get much better products for that price. Check out the pic then the Cnet review on it.

The good: The TDK Three Speaker Boombox delivers a finely tuned, powerful sound in a portable system with an unforgettable design. Features such as AM/FM radio, as well as RCA and instrument input, set it apart from the competition.

The bad: There’s no way to secure your iPod/iPhone or other connected device; support for Bluetooth is absent; radio antennas are handled by two dangling wires; no remote; hefty weight and battery-hungry design make portability impractical.

The bottom line: TDK’s Three Speaker Boombox is as beautiful as it is powerful, but the hefty design does not travel well.

12 Oct

AC/DC Trading Cards

Trading cards are coming for AC/DC. Press Pass is presenting the first trading cards with AC/DC on them. Here’s what you get

*100 Card Base Set takes you on a journey from their Austalian beginnings through the recent Black Ice Tour.

* Subsets include It’s a Long Way to the Top, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, and Rock ‘N Roll Train.

* Foil Inserts: We Salute You and On The Highway to…

* Autographed Memorabilia!

18 Jul

Check Out This Audio Recorder

I saw this in a magazine and I thought I would show you guys. You know how bad you want to record those live shows your at all the time? Well your phone or some cheap recorder just won’t cut it. Well this Zoom H1 is pretty damn sick. It has two microphones so you can get a balanced recording. The files are saved as MP3’s or WAV’s. How I wish I had this years ago when I went to more shows. I should be getting paid for this recommendation.

07 Jun

New Music Service – Rdio

The founders of Skype and Kaaza have created a new music service called RDIO, and yes there is a missing ‘A’ in there. Now its here in the US and will be available everywhere else later this year. All four major labels are in along with some indie ones. It looks like the subscription will be somewhere between $5 – $10 per month and can be accessed via the web or smartphones.

“No one has managed to elegantly integrate discovery and a high-quality music streaming experience, under one roof,” said co-founder Janus Friis. Rdio apps know what album or playlist the user and their friends are listening to and can sync music to the phone to play offline.

03 May

Ludacris & Condoms

Ludacris hooked up with Trojan Magnum condoms for the “Magnum Live Large Project”. If you use Magnums, you could win $5,000. I don’t know exactly how they will tell if you actually use Magnums unless….well ya know. If you do, you can go go Magnum to download an instrumental track to record your lyrics about the condom line. Then visitors and Ludacris will vote on the track to pick from the top 10. If you win, you’ll get your song on the radio and get to go to the Hip Hop festival in Atlanta and get up on stage. So go check it if you got it!

03 May

Wendy O. Williams Throbblehead

Wendy O. Williams will be the first female Throbblehead and limited to only 2,000 numbered units. The Throbblehead is made by Aggronautix and is the 6th of the Throbblehead series. If you like this one you should really go check out the rest of them. Here’s a pic of it and the video that the design came from.

29 Apr

Beatles Handwritten Lyrics For Auction

Sotheby’s is auctioning off the handwritten lyrics to “A Day in the Life” written by John Lennon on June 18th. It’s not the final draft but it has Lennon’s sketch of what became the actual song. Sotheby’s doesn’t think it will surpass the $1 million mark the handwritten lyrics to “All You Need is Love” did back in 2005 but think it should be somewhere between $500,000 to $700,000.

29 Nov


I’ve been a member of a few music streaming sites over the years but I have to say that I’m pretty excited about MOG. December 2nd is the day they will go live and for $5 a month you will get a huge on-demand library of music. With Rick Rubin on the board of directors, this has got to be good. Check out the video of the MOG guys explaining the site.

15 Oct

Dre & Iovine Laptop

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (producer, co-founder of Interscope, gave Eminem demo tape to Dre, co-produced 8 Mile) have worked together with HP to release a special edition laptop. It’s going to be built specifically for producers so I’m sure it will be fast and have a bunch of memory. It even comes with a set of Beats by Dre headphones. If you have $2,299 floating around, you can get one!! Should be hitting stores in about a week.



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