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18 Nov

Flavor Flav Vodka, Wine & Chicken

Well I don’t have much info on this but there was a small announcement by Flavor Flav that he is going to have his own line of Vodka, wine and Chicken. WTF!

“I’ve got the Flavor Flav flavored vodkas and a range of wine coming with my lyrics on the back.”

As for the Chicken:

“It’s called FFC and the Colonel better watch out.”

Wow….just Wow!

17 Nov

Beatles Catalog Finally Available!

After waiting and waiting to get the Beatles catalog online, it finally happened. And the winner is…..iTunes of course. On the November 16th EMI CEO Roger Faxon finally got the deal to work out with Apple’s Steve Jobs even with Google and Amazon in the mix. Apparently iTunes offered the best option for the music deal.

As of the other day there were over 15 Beatles songs on the iTunes top 100 and eight albums in the top 20. Nuts.

13 Nov

Queen Goes to Universal

It’s been 40 years that Queen has been with EMI but now the have ended their relationship and moved over to Universal Music Group. Moving to Universal will bring remastered versions of all of Queens albums sometime next year.

Brian May of Queen says “We are very excited after all this time to be embarking on a new phase of our career.

Its seems that after the 2007 purchase of EMI by Terra Firma they have been losing big acts such as Radiohead, Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.

09 Nov

Ice-T Brandy

Ya you heard that right. Ice-T is teaming up with XO Brandy to bring us a new brandy called ‘Original Gangster’. He signed up with Aiko Importers and Pay Up Management to get things rolling. Ice-T didn’t want money straight up, he wanted a partnership so he could build other brands.

28 Oct

Famous Music Hotel Up For Sale

The infamous Chelsea Hotel in New York is up for sale. Yes the hotel where Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy and also where Bob Dylan wrote ‘Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands’. Not only that but many musicians have hung out here such as Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix. There isn’t an asking price but I’m sure it’s going to be expensive.

15 Oct

Elton John Sirius/XM Channel

Sir Elton John (I say that more as a joke really) will have his own radio channel called “Elton!” on Sirius/XM. It’s only going to last one week from today, 10/15/10. He will play some of his own music along with some interviews and guest DJ’s like Robert Downey Jr.

14 Oct

Nirvana Exhibit Coming

It’s called “Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses” and it will be the most extensive exhibit of Nirvana memorabilia in Seattle. The Experience Music Project will be putting it on from April 16, 2011 to April 22, 2013 and it will include many rare items such as demos, hand written notes and photos. You can check their site HERE<

12 Oct

AC/DC Trading Cards

Trading cards are coming for AC/DC. Press Pass is presenting the first trading cards with AC/DC on them. Here’s what you get

*100 Card Base Set takes you on a journey from their Austalian beginnings through the recent Black Ice Tour.

* Subsets include It’s a Long Way to the Top, Back in Black, Thunderstruck, and Rock ‘N Roll Train.

* Foil Inserts: We Salute You and On The Highway to…

* Autographed Memorabilia!

05 Oct

Massive Attack Donating Proceeds

This is just another reason why I’ve been in love with Massive Attack since their first album. For the first time ever, Massive Attack is allowing their music to be used in a car commercial for Lincoln with the proceeds going to Save Our Gulf which helps with the clean up of the recent BP oil spill. The song is off their newest album ‘Heligoland’ called ‘Paradise Circus’. Fucking Sweet!

30 Sep

Ke$ha’s Rolling Along

Ke$has debut album has finally been certified platinum by the RIAA in the US. In the last 10 months it’s sold over 2 million units worldwide along with 13 million combined tracks and ringtones in the US alone.

Her single ‘TiK Tok’ has also been certified 5x platinum. Plus she became the 11th solo female artist to have at least 4 Billboard Hot 100 Top 10s from a debut album.

Pretty amazing even if I’m not really into her.

22 Sep

Scott Weiland Book Coming

Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver has his book ‘Not Dead & Not For Sale’ coming out in March 2011. The book will have stories of his crazy rise to being a rock star to drugs and what’s he’s doing now being sober.

Weiland has been busy aside from his book. He’s also putting out a Christmas album. HUH? He also has been working on his clothing line with Christopher Wicks which has your typical t-shirts, vests, hats, pants, ties etc.

“I’d like to tour when I want to tour, but I really prefer making albums. I love performing when I want to, I detest the feeling when it comes down to punching in the clock every night. It’s difficult in the rock business for everyone, so I am trying to branch out into other artistic endeavors like fashion.”

21 Sep

Def Leppard Beer?

Well not exactly Def Leppard but singer Joe Elliot has launched his own beer in Dublin. His beer is called ‘Down ‘n’ Outz’ that is described as a pilsner style with a deep, rich malt character with generous hop bitterness. Elliot stated: “Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of musicians putting their names to a variety of wines etc which, as nice as a glass of red or white is, well, it’s not very rock and roll is it?!

14 Sep

Gaga Gets Fragrance Deal

It must be timing since she won a bunch of awards at the MTV VMA’s but Lady Gaga is releasing her own fragrance. She signed a deal with Coty to issue fragrances named after her. The first scent will come out sometime in the spring of 2010.

13 Sep

J.Lo Will Be Judge On American Idol

I normally wouldn’t write about this since I don’t really care about J.Lo or American Idol but her drama and demands over it made me interested. The initial word on her being a judge came back in July but she wanted $15 million and guaranteed TV/Film deals. But now it’s down to $12 million and some sort of deal with Fox but we don’t know what that means. They just announced now so it can be right at the time she releases her first single on Island Def Jam. Damn, I guess I can’t hate. She’s gotta make her money.

30 Aug

Jay-Z Yankees Clothing Line

Damn just when you think he’s done it all, he comes up again. He started a new line of clothing for the New York Yankees with hoodies, hats and t-shirts that will go on sale today. The line will be for both women and men and will have the logo from Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. He created the line to commemorate the first official stadium concerts on September 13th and 14th when he and Eminem will co-headline a concert there.


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