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22 Mar

Ozzy Movie?

Ozzy Osbourne’s new book “I am Ozzy” just came out and now there is word from Sharon Osbourne that she wants to work on a movie for Ozzy. There is even word that Johnny Depp could play Ozzy. Uh I don’t think that would work. I don’t know who would be best? Any thoughts?

I am Ozzy

11 Jan

Yoko Ono Book Coming

The freak known as Yoko Ono will be writing a book on her life with John Lennon.  Apparently she will be writing about her relationship with John and to clear up the belief that she was behind the breakup of The Beatles.  She says “I would love to do it.  I just have to find the time.  It will be my next book, which will be written in the next five years.”

Ya because you’re so busy with your horrible music.  I just don’t like her!

07 Oct

Bowie: A Biography

Oh yaaaaa.  On October 27th “BOWIE:  A Biography” is coming out thats written by Rock N Roll Journalist Marc Spitz.  It’s going to have over 100 original interviews with some of the people that knows Bowie best through all his crazy times.  Uncovering such things as how Bowie likes to speak in riddles or his refusal to use elevators, hiding knives under his bed and other shit.  Check it out.  I’m sure it’s going to be NUTS!!

08 Aug

Q-Tip’s New Book

Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest just signed a book deal and will be releasing his book ‘Industry Rules’.  It will notate his experiences with little anecdotes on his experience being in the music business over the last 20 years.  He says “It was important to me to write a book because on the whole, I feel we could all be more literate, and as an artist, I’m always looking for ways to do something cool, different, and both light and introspective at the seem time.”

06 Aug

Nikki Sixx’s Book Reissued

Sixx’s 2002 book ‘An Education in Rebellion:  The Biography of Nikki Sixx” is going to be reissued on September 1st but you can pre-order it now.  The book has been entirely re-edited and fully updated through 2009.  Plus it has a 2-disc bonus sampler featuring some bands that apparently have been influenced by Nikki Sixx and Motley Crue.  It’s $15.95 if you pre-order by emailing ‘’.


22 Mar

Bret Michaels Tell-All Book

Poison frontman and all around male whore Bret Michaels is set to release a tell-all book which will be coming out in June.  The book title will be called “Roses and Thorns:  The Rock N’ Roll Fantasy to my Reality” and will supposedly give people the untold story.  He told Billboard “It gives you the sex, the drugs, the rock ‘n’ roll, but it also gives you the diabetes…It’s about what happens when you try to live out your dream and the reality of it all sets in and it’s the hardest and the strangest thing you will ever do.” Can’t you just see it all on his Rock of Love show?

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Roses & Thorns

22 Mar

Common Has a Book Club

Common has opened up an online book club called “The Corner Book Club” and is geared towards getting youth interested in reading. The sites called and will have material to enlighten the minds of teenagers. Common explained “My mom was a teacher and growing up she always stressed the importance of education. So when I look back its not a surprise for me to use words as a tool to make change and to inspire children for their future.” That’s really great of Common.

17 Mar

Jimi Hendrix New Book

A book about Jimi Hendrix is coming out titled “Ultimate Hendrix” and will cover the years between his discharge from the army in 1963 and his tragic early death in 1970.  Complete will all-new interviews with bandmates and studio staff, candid conversations transcribed directly from the raw tapes and rarely seen photos of Hendrix in the studio.  The book is written by John McDermott who also wrote 3 other books on Hendrix.  Sounds good to me.


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