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20 Aug

MNTB Classic Pic – Siouxsie Sioux

Here is the beautiful Siouxsie Sioux from what I would guess to be 1976. This is when she had just come out with her Banshees.

02 Jul

MNTB Classic Pic – Stevie Nicks

Damn, how beautiful she is. Here’s Stevie Nicks I would guess sometime in the late 60’s. I couldn’t find a date on it.

18 Apr

MNTB Classic Pic – Mick Jagger

Here is a great photo of Mick Jagger taken backstage at the Globe Theatre, Stockton on Tees, England October 8, 1965 by Ian Wright.

17 Apr

MNTB Classic Pic – Nina Simone

The amazing Nina Simone. I couldn’t find any photo credits or year on the pic but I thought it was a great photo of her.

17 Apr

MNTB Classic Pictures – Sound Good?

Ok, I’m going to start sort of a new series of things here at I post Music Fact TidBits and Music Quote TidBits and I thought this would be a good addition. I saw some old photos of musicians and I wanted to share with everyone. So starting today, I’ll be posting some classic pictures of musicians that have shaped our world. Stay tuned!

05 Apr

MNTB Classic Pic – Cab Calloway

Here is the great Jazz singer Cab Calloway in what I would say sometime in the 30’s. I couldn’t find any details on the picture but I think it’s a great shot of him.


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