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31 May

Trent Reznor Kept a Secret

All this time I just thought he was focusing his energy into How To Destroy Angels with his wife. Secretly he’s been working on a new Nine Inch Nails album along with signing a new deal with Columbia Records.

Trent states:

“I’ve been less than honest about what I’ve really been up to lately. For the last year I’ve been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new, full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly fucking great.”

We’ll see just how fucking great this album is!

22 May

Rare Beatles Guitar Sells

This beautiful rare VOX guitar was used by John Lennon and George Harrison and went up for auction last Saturday. Harrison played the guitar while practicing “I am the Walrus” during The Magical Mystery Tour and by Lennon while recording a video session for “Hello, Goodbye.”

The auction house thought they would get about $200,000 for it but it ended up selling for $408,000. Crazy!

22 May

Peter Hook Q&A

Since I can’t post tons of news throughout the day, I think I’ll start sending a few links to interviews. I don’t cut and paste news and since I probably shouldn’t post entire interviews, I think links will do. Here is one I found with Peter Hook of Joy Division/New Order (left in 2007).

Peter Hook Interview

22 May

Hanson….Yes Hanson!

I wouldn’t normally post anything about Hanson but I have to give them credit for being so young when they started and continuing to make music into their late 20’s. Apparently they still have a huge fan base. Well they are putting out their Sixth studio album titled “Anthem” on June 18th. A funny side note, they are celebrating their 21st anniversary as a band by releasing an IPA call MmmHops!

The song isn’t all bad. Check it out.

08 May

David Bowie New Video

Off his first UK number 1 album in 20 years, David Bowie released the video for the title track of the album called “The Next Day”. The video co-stars Marion Cotillard (French Actress) and one of my favorites, Gary Oldman. Check it out.

06 May

Metallic Night at AT&T Park

Last Friday night it was Metallic night at AT&T Park, Home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants. It was the first ever night at the Yard and it was beautiful one. Not only did James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett play the National Anthem on their custom made guitars (with “SF” on them) but Lars threw out the first pitch. You could also bid on the two custom made guitars which were signed by all 4 members of the band. The funds from the auction will get split between The Giants Community Fund and The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Check the videos!

06 May

Motely Crue-Mick Mars Assaulted On Stage

Poor Mick Mars.  The guy is already suffering from a disease that makes it extremely difficult to move his body, and some guy jumps onstage while he was performing and rams right into him, knocking him down.  This chump somehow gets past security, jumps onstage, and after hitting Mars, then grabbed onto Vince Neil.  Finally security gets the guy down, and one of the security guards ends up with two broken ribs.

Funny thing is you can see Nikki Sixx kicking the guy while he is on the floor being detained by security.  Check out the video!

03 May

Lil Wayne Is Dumped by PepsiCo

I post this more on the fact that I really dislike Lil Wayne and his ‘style’ of music. On a song by Future that features Wayne, he refers to beating someone during a sexual act, and doing as much damage that was done to ‘Till’. The lyrics are

“Pop a lot of pain pills
Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels
Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till”

This is referring to Emmett Till, the black teen from Chicago who was killed back in 1955. Till was killed for allegedly whistling at a white woman. He was beaten, eyes gouged out and shot in the head then had a cotton gin fan tied to his body with barbed wire and tossed into a river.

PepsiCo didn’t approve of his lyrics and cut ties with Wayne. I don’t know what kind of contract he had with PepsiCo but it’s gone now. Waynes publicist claims that the split was due to “creative differences.” Ya right. I just want him to go away and quit ruining music.

01 May

Lauryn Hill’s Explanation Letter

Lauryn Hill has finally opened up about her recent issues.  A while back I Posted about Lauryn Hill’s financials troubles. Well she has written a letter to us all, giving her side of the story.

It has been reported that I signed a new record deal, and that I did this to pay taxes. Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment, to launch a new label, on which my new music will be released. And yes, I am working on new music.

I’ve remained silent, after an extensive healing process. This has been a 10+ year battle, for a long time played out behind closed doors, but now in front of the public eye. This is an old conflict between art and commerce… free minds, and minds that are perhaps overly tethered to structure. This is about inequity, and the resulting disenfranchisement caused by it. I’ve been fighting for existential and economic freedom, which means the freedom to create and live without someone threatening, controlling, and/or manipulating the art and the artist, by tying the purse strings.

It took years for me to get out of the ‘parasitic’ dynamic of my youth, and into a deal that better reflects my true contribution as an artist, and (purportedly) gives me the control necessary to create a paradigm suitable for my needs. I have been working towards this for a long time, not just because of my current legal situation, but because I am an artist, I love to create, and I need the proper platform to do so.

The nature of my new business venture, as well as the dollar amount reported, was inaccurate, only a portion of the overall deal. Keep in mind, my past recordings have sold over 50,000,000 units worldwide, earning the label a tremendous amount of money (a fraction of which actually came to me).

Only a completely complicated set of traps, manipulations, and inequitable business arrangements could put someone who has accomplished the things that I have, financially in need of anything. I am one artist who finds value in openly discussing the dynamics within this industry that force artists to compromise or distort themselves and what they do, rather than allowing them to make the music that people need. There are volumes that could (and will) be said.


01 May

Beastie Boys Memoir Coming

The Beastie Boys have wanted to do a book for years but the last few years they had to focus on the health of Adam “MCA” Yauch, who passed away in May 2012. Mike D and Ad-Rock will create the memoir focusing on the band’s career. The untitled memoir will be edited by Sacha Jenkins, co-founder of Ego Trip magazine and creative consultant on The Boondocks TV show.

The book is expected to hit stores and tablets in the fall of 2015.

Here’s two of my favorite pics of them. From punk to hip hop!

01 May

LL Cool J and Eddie Van Halen

Very interesting.  Eddie Van Halen recently announced that he had collaborated with LL Cool J on two tracks on LL’s new album (LL still does music?).  Here are some comments from both of them.

LL explained “This album was born out of my true love for music and I knew Eddie shared that same vision for authentic music. I approached this song with the upmost respect for Eddie and his fans, and became friends with him through the process. I was humbled to watch a genius at work and collaborate with such a legendary and visionary artist as Eddie Van Halen, and to bring our two worlds together, was an exciting opportunity. I am thrilled he was up for the ride.”

Eddie told Guitar World “The thought of me playing guitar to hip hop was definitely left of center, but I was intrigued and I agreed to meet and listen to what he had. I was not only inspired by the songs I heard, but LL’s enthusiasm, his down-to-earth personality, the freedom he gave me to co-create and his willingness to, for the very first time, sing the chorus on ‘We’re the Greatest.’ It was like a breath of fresh air that I needed as an artist and an individual.”

Here are the songs if you’re interested


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