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29 Jan

Katrin the thrill….

It’s a rare time for me these days to instantly fall in love with a newer band. I just had the chance to hear ‘Katrin the thrill’ and fell in love. There is a certain darkness that I love about their track ‘Earth is Calling Us’ that I haven’t found in a long time. The softness, the grinding of it; just awesome. Thanks to James at for sharing with me.

Have a listen for yourself.

26 Jan

Jane’s Addiction New Video

I’m really liking this video and song that they just released.

26 Jan

Motley Crue in Kia Commercial

Yep you heard it right. Motley Crue along with Chuck Liddell, bull rider Judd Leffew and Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima all together for a Kia car commercial. It will air first on February 2nd but most will see it during the Superbowl during the 4th quarter on February 5th.

26 Jan

Motown & Ne-Yo…What A Combo

Motown has named Ne-Yo as the new Senior Vice President of A&R. All this while Ne-Yo continues to work on his fifth studio album.

Motown Exec Ms. Habtemariam said:

“We are honored and humbled to have Ne-Yo as a part of the Motown family, as both a recording artist and in an A&R role. We are committed to discovering, developing and nurturing R&B/Soul superstars here at Motown and in Ne-Yo we have both a global superstar and arguably one of the best songwriters in music. His presence on the executive team only strengthens our commitment to the very best in R&B.”

Ne-Yo had some nice words to say as well:

“I’m a combination of excited, honored and terrified all at once! Excited about a new beginning here at Motown, honored that I’ve been given such a prestigious title and trusted with such responsibility, TERRIFIED because I know that playing this role, in the fashion of one of my idols and career role models Mr. Smokey Robinson, these are big shoes to fill…..but trust, I can handle it.”

21 Jan

2 Live Crew Reuniting!

Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew announced at the Sundance Film Festival the group is back together.  Campbell was at the Sundance Film Festival since he appeared in a short film.

Some of Campbell’s comments:

“I just can’t wait to just start practicing.  That’s going to be a blast.”

“We’re going to perform the songs and everybody’s going to be excited,” he said. “Some of the older people of our generation will be able to tell their kids, `You’re staying home tonight, we’re going to see 2 Live Crew and shake our booty!'”

So of course I have to post a video!!


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